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The Ianto Jones Society

Where Everything is About Ianto

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It's all about Ianto, really.
This community is all about Ianto Jones. Anything to do with our Tea Boy is welcome: fanfics, art, recs...anything that has to do with Ianto, it's all good. We'll strive to be a fun community, and anyone is welcome!

If there is something that you think doesn't belong here, then feel free to contact one of the mods. We'd love to hear from you!

EDIT: Wanted to add that, since this is the Ianto Jones Society, that means anything here has to do with Ianto. Since he isn't in Miracle Day, then any spoilers or stories or art that has Miracle Day as its theme doesn't really belong on this comm. (Of course, if you write an AU where Ianto is still alive, or comes back, then that's fine!)